STOP Tossing and Turning! Super-Comfy Mattresses that GUARANTEE a Sound Sleep - Every Single Night!

STOP Tossing and Turning! Super-Comfy Mattresses that GUARANTEE a Sound Sleep - Every Single Night!


Vic's Philosophy

I built Mattress Outlet of Abington on a simple philosophy

“Quality, expertise & service, at a fair price.” “I believe that even though people think in terms of price, they demand value, and I give them much more than just that. At Mattress Outlet of Abington, you will always receive exceptional value!”

“Having 84 people put reviews on Google about our store and to have a 5 star ratings tells the whole story to customers. Clearly, we listen and provide them with what they want, which is exceptional value, even if they don’t know that this is what they were looking for!”

“After we narrow it down to the 3 top mattresses you are interested in, we put them beside each other and do the famous VIC roll test. In other words,
you get to roll from one to the next to the next and feel the difference. You will be surprised at how this shows you the difference between the beds.”

Service is #1

“The customer is #1” and, for many people, buying a mattress is “so difficult” but “it doesn’t have to be!”

It all begins with listening and, in addition, Vic believes that it is his job to take the stress out of the situation. “An easy process with great pricing” gives people great value without pressure or stress associated with relatively big personal decisions.

Quality is also #1

“You, as a customer, should never have to sacrifice quality just to get a bed at the right price!”

Quality should be expected and Vic delivers it. In terms of deliverying quality, perhaps the numbers will impress upon you that you will get quality from Mattress Outlet of Abington, as over 20,000 mattresses have been delivered as of 2022!

Why overpay?

If you compare apples to apples, Mattress Outlet of Abington will never get beat on price. How does Vic do it? Simple.

“Low overhead is the key” says Vic. That allows you to get “name brands” at or below the price of ‘knock offs’ products.

“Up to 80% off of big box store prices!“

Delivery & Setup options

“Paying someone to deliver and set up a bed is usually a waste of money unless you really need help.”

If you are challenged, either to get a bed or mattress home or to get a bed set up, the staff at

Mattress Outlet of Abington are only too happy to accommodate their customers.



Frequently Asked Questions

Stay in the know and get all your questions answered.

What is the best brand?

Mattress Outlet carries a variety of the top-quality brands. Each brand consists of mattresses with unique features that can accommodate your individual and specific requirements. Some of our best-selling brands include, Mlily, Sealy, Stearns & Foster, Sleep Fit, United Bedding and Serta. Check out all of our great mattress brands.

What is the best mattress?

With the wide range of mattresses that we carry, the best mattress for you is one that accommodates to your individual and specific requirements. In order to find the best mattress for your comfort needs, we recommend that you start Sleep Consultation by our Registered Sleep Advisor. Selecting your desired size and how much you are looking to spend will help narrow down the results to mattresses that best suit your needs. Additional information to help your search includes your sleep position, your temperature, and your pain points. For most people a HYBRID mattress using individually pocketed coils eliminates pressure (pain) points, and the gel foam regulates temperature very well.

Can I view mattresses from online in a real store?

Yes, you can. Please use our store locator featured on the website to find a local store near you. We recommend calling the store first to verify if the store carries the product you are interested in. If a product on the website indicates ‘Web Only,' that product will NOT be available to view at a store. You can check availability of a specific item by size on the product detail page.

How can I tell if I need a new mattress?

There are several factors to take into consideration when deciding if you need a new mattress. Below are some signs that your mattress has lost its support.

•You tend to sleep better at other places than at home (such as a hotel).

•Your mattress shows visible signs of wear (it's saggy or lumpy).

•Rotating your mattress no longer provides the desired comfort change.

•Your mattress is 5-8 years old (this depends on the type of mattress you have, along with the factors listed above).

•You wake up tired or achy.

To schedule a FREE consultation call or text 215-515-4449

What is the best type of mattress for a child?

The type of mattress you choose for a child is extremely important because children grow while they sleep. For safety reasons, crib mattresses are firmer than adult mattresses, and they fit most babies until toddlerhood, though exact timing is different for every child. Like adult mattresses, foam or innerspring crib mattresses both work well depending on preference, and some crib mattresses are lighter for portability or easier to clean in case of spills. Look through our wide selection of crib mattresses to find one that will safely support your baby as they rest. You’ll also find toddler mattresses to help them transition out of the crib and into their first real bed as they grow along with kids mattresses. Whether you’re looking for a specific model or have just started your search for the right crib or toddler mattress, we have all of the options you’ll need, at a range of price points that will fit your family’s budget.

What type of mattress is recommended for overweight people?

Mattresses are designed for people of all different shapes and sizes. The most important thing to look for is a mattress that will keep your spine properly aligned and supported. This is often a different mattress for each person, depending on your body type and preferred sleeping position. We offer mattresses with Heavy duty coil systems and edge support to handle more weight. Go here for assistance with selecting the best mattress for your needs.

What is the best mattress for couples with different comfort preferences?

Finding the right mattress to meet the needs of two people can be tough! Fortunately, many mattress manufacturers offer split sizes (queen, king and California King), so there is no need to compromise on a great night's sleep. For assistance with locating models available in split sizes and finding the best mattresses for you and your partner. Many couples opt for split adjustable bases which further enhance comfort and better breathing throughout the night.

Contact us for demo.

What is the best mattress for people who sleep on their stomachs?

Most stomach sleepers prefer firmer than average pocket coil mattresses to provide increased support to the midsection and prevent the back from arching unnaturally. This will give better support. But, experts agree that stomach sleeping is the worst position especially when changing sleep positions occur.

What is the best mattress for a side sleeper?

If you are a side sleeper, we recommend a pillow top that has an added layer of soft padding stitched to the mattress's top. Besides supplying an extra layer of sumptuous, cloud-like luxury, the pillow top mattress is also effective for soothing side sleepers' hip and shoulder pressure points. Check out our wide variety of pillow top mattresses. Again, a pocket coil hybrid is likely the best choice for side sleepers as well.

What mattress is recommended for a bad back?

There is not one mattress that is best for a bad back. The most important thing to look for is a mattress that will keep your spine properly aligned. This is often a different mattress for each person, depending on your body type and preferred sleeping position. Go here for assistance with selecting the best mattress for your needs. Or chat with a Registered Sleep Advisor today. The consultation if FREE. Simply call or text: 215-515-4449

When I purchase a new mattress set, will a frame be included?

A mattress set includes a mattress and foundation. A big selection of platform bases are also available (Frame and foundation in one unit) in heights of 12 to 15 tall. If a new bed frame is needed, it will need to be purchased separately. If you have an existing foundation please keep in mind that most manufacturer's warranties have specific requirements regarding support, and you should ensure that your existing frame provides adequate support for your new sleep set to protect your warranty coverage. We recommend replacing foundations more than 5 years old.

Warehouse Hours

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“If we cannot satisfy all of your needs, from quality to service and price, including delivery, no one can!”

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